At Sunrise Remote we exclusively offer help remotely, over the internet. Remote support has many benefits, and there are some drawbacks too, so let’s get those out of the way first.

If you need help with any physical hardware issues, unfortunately there’s not much we can do. For example if your computer won’t turn on because something is broken, there’s no way for us to connect to it remotely and repair this. You’ll need to take it to a repair shop or have onsite tech support for that. You could always ship it to us I suppose, we are definitely qualified to handle those issues,  but that may be neither time nor cost effective for you.

So what can we offer that a local repair shop cannot? If you already need to take it in for physical issues, why not take it in for everything? You could do that of course. I used to operate such a repair shop myself, and I feel I offered a great service for people who came to me in person. I was able to form good relationships with many of them too in a way that may only have been possible by being physically in the same place. So despite these deficiencies, there are many benefits to remote support that are worth considering. I’ll discuss a few of them here.

The first benefit is time. Your time. Bringing a computer to a shop requires more time. You need to disconnect cables. You need to travel to the shop. And you need to travel back again when it’s time to pick things up. That can all take a lot of time. And then there’s the amount of time your computer may sit in the shop before it is even looked it. In some cases that could be days or even a week or more (I tried to get things through quickly in my shop, but things did tend to pile up sometimes). With remote support you do not have to do any of these tings. True, you may need to wait until a time slot is available, but when it’s time for your appointment there is no disconnecting wires, no traveling, and no waiting. We can connect to your screen immediately. And because you have a dedicated appointment with us your issues are addressed right away, on the spot.

Another benefit is cost. We do bill you based on our time, but often it’s not very much time. Our minimum charge per appointment is for 45 minutes, and often problems are resolved within that time-frame. Things can certainly go much longer than that, especially if you have multiple issues, but typically things do go pretty fast. We try to make it fast anyways (without sacrificing quality, of course).

Yet another benefit has to do with your involvement. When I ran my shop, people would drop their computer off, do their best to explain the issues to me, and then leave. With remote support, you can look at your screen and stay on the phone with us during the whole appointment. You can take us through the issues, show us for yourself what you need help with, and we can explain to you what we are doing as we go along. This provides a much more personal and effective way to support you.

There is at least one more benefit to using remote support that I can think of. The reality of the world we are now living in with COVID-19 is that physical contact with each other can be dangerous. While I am sure that computer repair shops and IT support people are doing everything they reasonably can to keep themselves and their customers safe, there will always be some degree of risk involved in being within close proximity to others, and especially with computer equipment being passed from one person to another and touched. As many precautions as all of us are taking, we can all make mistakes. Remote Support offers a completely contactless way to get help. There is no physical interaction of any kind. We remain in two completely separate locations. You do not even have to leave your house. As much as I hope we can all get back to interacting with each other as we once did without worry, I am happy that technology exists that allows us to continue working and accomplishing things in a safe way.

So, when considering where to go to get computer help, consider not going anywhere, and letting us connect to you remotely. Other than physical issues, there isn’t much we can’t do, and there are many potential benefits.