This my first post under my new name – Sunrise Remote. Previously, and since 2015, I used the name Shuswap Computer. I started things off in Salmon Arm, BC, which is on the shores of beautiful Shuswap Lake.

So why the name change? For one, I am no longer located in the Shuswap. As much as I loved living there, and as good as the business was doing and was growing, other factors drew me and my family to Calgary. That was two years ago! I spent three years building my business under the Shuswap name, and after moving and transitioning to remote support, I kept using it. That is how I was known, and I didn’t want to lose that, it was a part of my identity. So why change now? Well, to avoid confusion is one reason. Having a name that is associated with an area where I am no longer located has create a few problems. I still have the occasional customer that drives to my old shop, thinking I’m still there. And even though my website has been clearly marked as providing remote support only, I still get requests regularly to help with hardware issues, which is the one thing I can’t do! I think with the Shuswap name it is easily assume I am physically in that area.

So, as sad as I am to move on from a name that I love and that has history and has meaning to me, it’s time.

So why Sunrise? Well, who doesn’t love a good sunrise, right? This name just sort of came to me recently. I told it to my wife and she liked it immediately. And the more I thought about it, the more I liked it too. Plus the domain name was available (, something that is increasingly rare. I wanted a name that was not tied to any location, and that got across the fact that I provide remote support, that I’m not at a physical location. I think when combined¬† with the tagline “Contactless Computer Support”, the message of what I do is pretty well covered. Sunrise also carries some relevant meanings. As a sunrise turns night into day, so can we help turn the darkness of frustration and problems that can be caused by computer issues, with the light of resolution and understanding that can happen when help is given. Sunrise also represents a new beginning. We can give you a new experience with technology, by utilizing the newest software and tools.

So, here I am. The same service you have had in the past, with a bit of new branding. This has given me an opportunity to rethink a few things as well, so hopefully I can offer even better service than before!